We spread knowledge
We gather and spread knowledge on energy gases. In English language one brochure has been published in addition to a number of SGC Reports. The brochure is downloadable.

Basic data on Biogas
Content: Basic data on biogas is a brochure including up-to-date statistics and information on the Swedish biogas production. The brochure also contains basic information on the process of anaerobic degradation, different substrates, upgrading technologies, explanation of central definitions and acronyms, criteria for sustainability etc.
Target group: The broschure is suitable for biogas technicians, farmers with an interest in biogas, agricultural high schools and other organizors of education. It could also be useful for decision makers - and for anyone with an interest in the Swedish situation.
Extent: 22 pages A5
Cost: 15 SEK+VAT/copy (minimum 50 copies) or 10 SEK+VAT/copy (if you order a whole box of 250 copies). Shipping costs will be added. The broschure also exists in a Swedish version.